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The Ursulines are calling!

QUARANTAINE will have its London premiere at Curzon Hoxton on 11th October 🎥 

We just added a 2nd screening at 8pm so there are a few places available. 

Contact : admin@fvu.co.uk 

Q&A follows both screenings (6.45pm & 8pm) 

‘Quarantaine’ is presented in London by @pinksummercontemporaryart & @filmvidumbrella 

Two young women follow each other through an arboreal portal in a London city park into a parallel dimension. Here, within the cloistered walls of a clandestine house of instruction, they join a queue of women at different stages on the path to enlightenment. Having their fortunes foretold and their identities re-cast, they fall under the spell of a disembodied singing oracle—Pearl Mama One. ‘Quarantaine’ is a dazzling meditation on the female body & voice, alternate realities and the grand illusions of cinema.

The film was co-commissioned by @filmvidumbrella@hunterianglasgow@leedsartgallery and @gifestival. With Art Fund support through the Moving Image Fund for Museums. 


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Acrobatic dancer Miriam LaVelle in The Gang’s All Here (1943). Miriam had a “foot ailment” until she was three years old. “My folks started me dancing to cure it,” she said. “Now I can’t stop.” Miriam danced her way to Broadway where she was spotted by an MGM scout who signed her to a contract. After performing specialty numbers in a few films she continued her career on the nightclub circuit. She made her tv debut performing on The Ed Wynn Show in 1949. In 1950 it was reported she had split her head open during a tv rehearsal. Although she survived, there’s very little information available about her after this, except that she married in 1957 and then passed away at the age of 31 on October 20, 1958 in Los Angeles.






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