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Its 2022 and we’ve got some news… 

Over the last few months, we’ve been reflecting and reassessing our aims and approaches. Pushing through two residencies in the midst of a pandemic brought about many challenges and huge feats ~ we want to thank everyone who supported and stuck with us through it all. 

Having run The Palace Residency now for 6 years in a row (taking a break from Poland in 2019 in favour of the deserts of New Mexico), the time has come to hand over to a new wave of community members to shape and evolve the residency under new care. Many organisers have come and gone over the years, bringing their own uniqueness to the mix and carving legacies to follow. This year we’d like to acknowledge in particular Maïna (@maideba ) Lilo (@liselotteid ) and Thea (@bouja4president ) who will be stepping back from the residency team to focus on other aspects of The Palace Collective and their own practices. All three have been huge driving forces behind the residency over the years, voluntarily working year round for their belief in the fundamental importance and power of self organised spaces such as The Palace. Massive appreciation and love to them and all those who’ve given blood sweat and tears over the years! 💎💎💎Special shout out to @sophia._.bla@jordanrolfe1 

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So onto 2022…

We all want the residency to be more inclusive, more creative, more sustainable and more inventive…but we need time to make this happen. So we will be taking a break from running the residency in 2022 in favour of giving time and space to train up a new team and develop an even better event for 2023. *2021/22 ticket transfers we will be in touch

It might be a year off from The Residency but its not a year off from The Palace Collective! Link in bio for full low down on what’s in store for 2022! Vid & workshop credit @fififantome


La rétrospective "Quand les surréalistes allaient au cinéma"

est dans nos salles dès aujourd'hui et jusqu'au 24 juin !